In this episode Trevor Young and Dionne Lew explain why they set up a content-driven public communications firm, Zoetic Agency, and provide a glimpse into where they see the world of PR heading.

They discuss why they have placed social and content at the heart of their new agency rather than bolting them on as 'nice-to-haves', plus explain why client training and education is a key part of their business.

Trevor and Dionne chat about the roadblocks for brands in creating content. Many businesses struggle with a lack of time, producing bulk content is one way to address this.

They also discuss the power of live broadcasting in humanising organisations. Indeed, this episode of PR Leads was live streamed through Facebook and will continue to be so.

Too often businesses publish hackneyed content that looks similar to everyone else's. It is important to use an organisation's people to share ideas and insights and tell personal stories that are unique.

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