This is the final PR Leads episode for 2016. It's the time of year when plenty of people in the industry get on their prediction freak on: What's going to be the next big thing next year? 

Usually such predictions revolve around hot new technologies, but Dionne Lew and Trevor Young eschew all that in this episode, preferring to focus on the basics.

They kick off with content - a topic that has dominated previous PR Leads episodes because of the massive opportunity it provides in-house communicators.

When it comes to producing content for your organisation's owned media and social channels, both Dionne and Trevor agree brands are going to have to lift the bar.


There's just too much template stuff being churned out, almost by rote. It's not just a case of being targeted and useful to your audience; there's a bigger picture at play - content needs to adhere to a purpose that's unique to the organisation that produced it.

As Dionne advises: "Take a break, step back ... ask yourself why you're here; what's the purpose, what's the vision, what do you want to achieve." 

Trevor discusses his concept of 'respectful reminders', and why influence, reputation and trust will continue to be big-ticket items in the year ahead, while Dionne explains the potency of major premium content pieces (i.e. research) that will not only get noticed but also potentially create impact over the year as a result of being repurposed or 'chunked down' for different channels.

"It's about leveraging that key expertise that you have ... in ways that are going to resonate," says Dionne.

Dionne and Trevor's wish for 2017 (not necessarily a prediction) is that it becomes the year of human communications and the flight to quality in terms of more meaningful content being produced by brands.

Understand the new technologies that are emerging by all means, but don't be distracted by them; instead, focus on humanity, quality and thoughtfulness, and understand (and reflect in everything you do) your company's 'why'. 


Brands mentioned: Firebrand Talent, Buffer, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn.

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