Dionne Lew and Trevor Young discuss the importance of thought leadership in business and why it's critical PR teams work with senior executives and internal subject matter experts to ensure personal profiling efforts are executed with purpose and strategic intent. 

But what social and publishing tools should aspiring enterprise-based thought leaders use?

Traditionally writing for the company blog was the go-to option but other platforms such as LinkedIn and Medium continue to find favour because of their ease of use and built-in audience. Medium in particular is gaining traction with business and community leaders as a place to share ideas, insights and perspectives on big picture issues. Indeed, a number of companies are now also starting to use the platform to house their corporate blog (Basecamp is one such example).

And which of the plethora of social channels should aspiring thought leaders consider using?

Too often people are making judgements on outdated thinking when it comes to social media, which begs questions such as: Is the way we look at the different social channels still the same as a few years back? Are we missing out on opportunities becuase we continue to cling to those perceptions?

Dionne discusses how she has changed her opinion about Facebook for business, and highlights the new Facebook Workplace intiative.

She also explains how business leaders that are not active on social media are missing out on "those unexpected synergies and insights" that, she believes, can alter your thinking or the way you run your business.

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