Content marketing is a massive opportunity for PR and communications professionals, but is also brings with it its own set of challenges. 

This is particularly the case for large organisations that are constantly being pitched content ideas from a cross-section of their agency roster, including PR firms, ad agencies, social media consultancies, digital marketing agencies ... even SEO companies are actively pitching content ideas!

Building on previous conversations around the future of social media, Dionne Lew and Trevor Young explore where content marketing is headed, from a PR and communications perspective. Some of the topics they touch on include: 
  • How content is in danger of becoming an "overwhelming pile of nothingness"
  • Why just producing content for content's sake is a mug's game 
  • The importance of having a strategy to guide your content efforts
  • Why motherhood statements shouldn't be considered 'content'
  • The amazing opportunity webinars provide PR teams
  • Creating content where the audience is versus having your own digital home base
  • Building a brand space on 
  • Contextual content that serves the greater good (and why you can't go wrong being useful and helpful)
  • The importance of pushing the envelope and taking a risk with your content 
  • Using content to take people behind the velvet rope of your organisation
  • Creating your own philosophy around content marketing 
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