Social media continues to evolve and disrupt in equal measure. But where is it heading, and what does that mean for public relations practitioners?

Co-host of PR Leads Dionne Lew recently delivered a seminar presentation on the future of social media, and in preparation she posted a video on Facebook asking:
Should we stop calling social media, 'social media' or just realise that it includes a whole lot more now than when it first erupted nearly 14 years ago?

Instant feedback provided to Dionne was that many people had been asking the same question. A lot of mixed views on whether channels like private messaging apps should be counted (hard to get metrics) but also a lot of overlap on the tags we need to lose (new, social, digital) it's all 'marketing' or 'it's all media'. 

In this episode of PR Leads, Dionne and Trevor Young aka 'The PR Warrior' delve into this broad topic; their chat includes the future of Twitter, 'dark social channels and the issue of privacy, and the growth of one-way broadcast of marketing messages on the main social platforms.

They also touch on the human limitation of time and capacity to consume the torrent of digital content they're confronted with on a daily basis, and how this is influencing their behaviour on social channels.
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