Publishing compelling content is a powerful way for any company or organisation to build public recognition for their brand, product, service or issue.

In an era where the public’s trust in business, government and media remains at worrying low levels, forward-thinking marketing and PR teams are turning to content as a means to not only differentiate their brand in the marketplace, but also better engage customers and stakeholders.

Now, you could say content creation has always figured highly in the PR professional's remit, and you'd be right. But today, we have the tools and the technology to tell our own stories and build our own audiences, versus simply relying on third-party media outlets.

While the ease of use and availability of online publishing platforms creates massive opportunities for brands and their comms teams, equally it presents challenges as well.
  • What sort of content should we be creating?
  • How much content should we be publishing?
  • What should we be creating content about?
  • How should we distribute our content?
  • What about social media? And where does media and influencer relations fit into the content equation?
In this broad-ranging discussion, Trevor Young and Dionne Lew focus on how PR can use content to build visibility, influence, reputation and trust for the brand they represent.

They chat about utility-based content versus thought leadership content, and why 'owned media' content is critical today when it comes to media relations.

Brands mentioned in this episode include Umpqua Bank, ANZ Bank, tech startup Buffer, paint manufacturer Farrow & Ball, Melbourne-based Mailguard and online wallet retailer, Bellroy.

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