What will the PR department of a major corporate look like in the future? 

What skill-sets are needed, and are they being taught currently? 

Should PR departments outsource emerging specialist skills or develop them internally, or both? 

In this episode of PR Leads, Dionne Lew and Trevor Young get tactical, discussing the types of skills that will be demanded of the profession in coming years (if they're not already).

While we have plenty of new and exciting technologies emerging all the time, being able to write effectively remains a critical skill, as is the ability to develop (and tell) a good story. However, it could be argued that today, being able to tell a story across multiple mediums is also important and will become an ever-increasing in-demand skill of the future.

Other skills communications will need to understand (but not necessarily have deep production knowledge of - this can be outsourced if need be) include video live-streaming, production of micro-content for social media, development of owned media channels, how to identify and build relationships with independent content creators and micro-influencers (over and above traditional media), storytelling via video or audio, and understanding the elements that make up an effective online newsroom.

Both Dionne and Trevor agree that great opportunities exist for PR pros to provide journalists with supporting content that will make their stories stand out from the pack, as well as being able to produce their own content and communicate directly with key target audience communities.

While skills can be learnt, according to Trevor and Dionne, ultimately the effective PR department of the future will be driven by passionate and curious professionals who have the the right mindset required to build the culture and team that can adapt to today's noisy, always-on, digital-first world.

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